What is a Managed Service Provider?

It's a bit of a buzzword or catch phrase, but ultimately a Managed Service Provider is your outsourced IT specialist that isn't occupying a desk full time in your office or isn't the hard to reach IT Guy you call when your computers aren't behaving. They have 24/7 monitoring systems that alert them to problems before you even know about them. They own the responsibility to keep your systems up to date, secure and backed up while you retain full ownership of your assets.

Why sign up to an MSP?

In the long term, it works out to be more cost effective. The old "break-fix" mentality has quickly fallen away in big business because they have seen and experienced the advantages of having an external MSP looking at their systems full time.

Small Business or Home Office?

You can't afford a full time IT Officer taking up a desk, computer, and your administration time but you want someone virtually on call when something goes wrong. You need the peace of mind that someone has the knowledge and experience to look after your IT needs.

Home User with Multiple Devices?

Increasingly our homes are connected both internally and externally and perhaps to some systems that we know nothing about. In fact, odds are you have more connected devices in your home than actual people. Do you know what they're all doing? Do you have sufficient online protection to confidently shop or bank online? Do you have students in the house who put total trust in their computers?

Why choose NBIT Townsville as my MSP?

NBIT Townsville was formed by people with on the ground experience in large scale MSPs for Federal and State Government as well as private enterprise. They know the advantages of an MSP for the big guys and know how to scale that down for you. We are working on tailoring packages that will suit all levels, from home users to small and medium business with various needs. But in the meantime if your current MSP is not working for you or you just want to learn more, get in touch and we'll talk about how we can give you Better IT.